Nov 23, 2023Liked by Ben Dolson, Paulius Mui, MD

“Lean heavily on the beginner’s mindset. Ask about anything you don’t understand: exam room layout, the sphygmomanometer ritual, the flow of money, documentation requirements, or any strange acronyms”...

This resonated with me. College is constantly teaching students that speaking more / raising your hand more is better performance. During job applications, we have to constantly try to convince people of all the stuff we know. But, I have noticed that the real world rewards people who admit they don’t know enough and need more info.

This is true especially for Healthcare. Any successful innovation that I’ve seen has started with people admitting that they don’t know enough and need to conduct more research. Leaning on the beginners mindset is definitely the key.

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Nov 23, 2023Liked by Paulius Mui, MD

Love this Paulius and Ben! I wish I had had this article when I started as Senior Medical Director of Clinical Innovation at Clover!

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